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a bit of a change

Hello dears! How was your three day weekend? My hunny took me out for dinner and a movie for my birthday, the only bad thing was that everytime we go to this restaurant we manage to get a crappy cook, burnt fried rice, small amounts of vegetables and to top it off when he asked what movie we were going to watch he told us it was horrible and told us a few scenes from the movie. Now in my opinion it was great we saw "Don't Be Afriad of The Dark," I'm so glad Katie Holmes is doing movies again. I love her as an actress and she did a fantastic job. Have you guys noticed anything different about the blog? Of course you've seen that we are now a .com but also a new layout.


The lovely and oh so talented Arvee from Flutter Happy designed a layout fit for the blog and I was so excited as soon as she was finished that I jumped for joy with excitement in my head since I was at work and I didn't want any of my co workers to think I was crazy. If your ever in a need to refresh your blog and love the work she's done for me, do check her blog out. She is the sweetest, ever!!

Have a lovely day!!


  1. It's an awesome layout! She did a great job. :)


Thank you oh so much for your sweet comments and stopping by. I will be sure to say hello at yours as well.