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Semi-Year in Review

Here is our very first semi-year in review of the blog. I can't believe how much this blog has grown in many ways. I love that I made the decision to create a blog like this that signifies my family and myself as a loving, caring and strong family. I know that 2012 has a lot in store for us and I sure can't wait for that to happen.


May was the starting point to this blog not only that but I was introduced to instagram and that is where my addiction to adding over 300 photos to use on this blog brought the first blog post. We tried out Freebirds for the first time and boy was it declisious. Our first family style post was included although it was somewhat hard to do so since it was our first ever and we have yet to invest on a tripod so that we can continue do more family post in the future. May was also great since my hunny's birthday is in the month of May and we had a wonderful mother's day lunch with my mom. What a great month.


We packed for our first family trip of the year to Arkansas with Justin's grandparents we went thrifting, sight seeing at historic sites, took Asa to her first museum of course while I was gone on our wonderful vacation I had some amazing bloggers guest post while I was gone like hereherehere and here. We had such a great time in Arkansas and we can't wait to go back because there is so much more to do and see.


We celebrated Aydens birthday party at Mr. Gatti's. We had such a great time and Asa loves playing with Ayden. The best part of this month was the tots first ever style post she is the cutest little thing.


My hunny and I went to our first ever Blue's Fest and I unveiled the opening of Lilybird Vintage.


The best month ever, why you ask well it was my birthday.


My adorable cutie pie was Minnie Mouse for Halloween and I tried my hardest and created her second costume. Of course she was the cutest little minnie I have ever seen. I opened my kiddo store Lilybird Vintage and had my first craft show.


This year we had Thanksgiving at my moms and we had Filipino which we rarely get and when we do we stuff ourselves until we are sick. We love my mommy's cooking.


And we had a wonderful Christmas with all of our families...until the New Year for a new beginning.


Christmas: Part Three

On Christmas morning we woke up to Asa telling us it was day time so daddy took her to see if Santa ate the cookies and drank the glass of milk. Sure enough he did just that, we let her open Santa's present to her and was she ever pleased at what she received. I then headed to the kitchen to make our Christmas breakfast using this recipe and it turned out delicious. As soon as Justin's sister headed over at noon we then opened presents and went to the hospital to spend Christmas evening with Justin's dad. It was such a great Christmas for all of us we all got everything we wanted and more. We are greatly appreciated for everything. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Christmas: Part Two

Saturday morning we woke to a winter wonderful. Never have we ever had snow during Christmas it was a true blessing. As we welcomed this wonderful weather the tot and I made our very own snow globe following these simple steps here and as you can see it turned out great. Asa was such a great help that she followed mommys instructions quite well. We will have to make one every year. Afterwards, I finished with all my wrapping and Asa helped daddy put out milk and cookies for Santa then we went to bed. 


Christmas: Part One

We took a trip to my mom's house to do Christmas early on Friday. You should know by now that my mom lives an hour and half away. We had Filipino food, laughs and of course the kiddos got to open presents. The kids had a great time and I love going to my mom's whenever we get a chance too. We had the most wonderful time spending it with family. In the next few days I will post more from our Christmas.


Merry Christmas.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!


A 366 Photo Project.

Photos- Take last year for her 2nd Birthday

Since I started blogging at Styleforecast almost a year ago I documented my everyday outfits. I had been so inspired by other bloggers like myself who posted daily outfits while including personal touches about their everyday life. So, I created Eat Love and Style to document not only my style but my family as well. I've also included anything related to what I loved most. I wanted to document my daughter's life and in hopes that one day she will read what I've wrote about our life and inspire her to blog about her adventures in life in the near future. I wasn't lucky enough to find the blogging world until Asa was a litte over a year old. I didn't get a chance to document her grow through this blog but I'm changing all of that. I started sort of late creating Tot Diaries and failed at posting photos of her day to day. I am now attempting it again starting January 1st to mark the first "photo a day" then after the year is up I will create a book for my keeping and to show friends and family who don't follow the blog daily. As of right now I'm not using the very best of cameras but I will sure try using whatever I have from my Canon powershot to my newly upgraded iphone and such apps like my ever so favorite instagram until I have saved enough to swoon over a semi-pro camera. I've decided to shut down Tot Diaries and will create a whole new blog for the little booger over at tumblr and as soon as I get that going I will let you guys know. This is such a great project and I've seen other bloggers do it and are still going through with the project but it takes time and a camera to snap something memorable. If you don't have kiddos of your own do a style post, your everyday life or just because. I can't wait to start this project. I hope you guys join and link up in this post.


Weekend Project: Gingerbread House

Over the weekend, Asa and I went over to a friend's house so that Asa could build a gingerbread house with the girls for the first time (my first time too). I have never built one and I purchased a kit from Target for $8 little did I know how much work it would be and that those darn pieces don't stick well with the icing they put in the kit. It managed to stick together after holding it for about 10 minutes. Then we iced it and let the girls decorate it as they pleased. I figured it would look similar to the picture on the kit man whoever put it together did an amazing job. I couldn't get my icicles right. Oh well at least Asa had a blast decorating while eating the candy. Has anyone build one before using a kit or from scratch?


Mama Style: Yesterday's Outfit

blazer- H&M, top- wetseal, pants- unknown, shoes- shoedazzle, purse- vintage

I realize that I haven't been the best style blogger on here. I've been slacking on posting outfits daily. During the holiday season it can get somewhat hectic juggling a busy schedule. I've managed to close the shop until the new year. You should see our room filled with presents to be wrapped, clothes need folding and my desk to be organized. Today we're going out of town 30 minutes to be exact I'm letting Justin pick out his Christmas present which is a bottle of wine from when I took him for his birthday. Then we're going thrifting I'm in need of a few new purses so lets see what I can find. I hope you all had a great week.


DIY: Tinsel Wreath Ornament

How adorable is this tiny ornament, perfect for any tree and so easy to make. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays from the decorations, opening presents to spending quality time with family. I think I may make this with the little one some time.

Supplies -

skinny tinsel garland
Glue Dots
mason jar lids



source- The Glitter Guide

What a wonderful recipe video.
You will have to see for yourself.


Photo recap

With Christmas just right around the corner it has been pretty hectic around our neck of the woods. We are preparing for family get together, wrapping presents, getting well from stomach bugs, Christmas parties, a birthday and so much more. As you can see we welcomed our first snow of the season last Monday and boy was it beautiful. Saturday we celebrated Justin's dads 49th birthday at the hospital where he is at for six weeks. We had our annual Filipino Christmas party yesterday, the tot and I went on our own since daddy had the stomach bug poor thing. For the next couple of weeks it will start to get busier and busier since Christmas is fast approaching. Anyone going out of town to visit family? Also, we closed shop until the new year making a few minor changes to the store. I hope you all have a great week.


Online Mag Feature.

source Dashing Mag

I am in love with this online magazine.
It seems that more and more online magazine
are making its way to the World Wide Web
featuring incredible articles from DIY's to everyday people.
Now Dashing Mag features those types and I'm loving
the DIY glitter boot tutorial and featuring a wedding
event that shows how to reuse stuff from your wedding
into your home. Don't believe me check it out for yourself.


Party Details.

I have been pinning up a storm on Pinterest ideas for the tot's party next year. I've discussed with Justin's mom how everything will come to play and that this party will allow us to actually enjoy it. Last year was a mess we we're running late, still preparing for the party last minute, with only three hours of sleep, and managed to finish the cake before we had to sing Happy Birthday!! I'm not saying it was a disaster but I'd like to be more prepared. As you know from this post of what the party theme is we are now slowly making preparations of what needs to be done a head of time. I know I'd like it to be colorful, hints of glitter, tasty sweets and bold details. I can't wait and as it seems I have it perfectly planted in my head on how everything will look.

Footnote: There will be a couple of changes on the blog so look out for that...and more interactions with all you fine people. Have a great day!!!


Date Night

I love date nights. It's our one night we get to spend it with each other without the tot 
Although I still miss her while we're out making sure she's okay. 
We had dinner and a movie. At our most fave burger joint, Fuddruckers.
Their burgers are amazing, with wedge fries and cheese to dip them in.
Just thinking about it makes me want it for lunch right now.
We then headed to the theater to watch "Breaking Dawn."
I have been waiting for this to come out and I loved it.
Has anyone seen it?


Mama Style: Yesterday's Outfit

jacket- wetseal, top- thrifted, skirt/booties- charlotte russe, tights- Kohls, bag- vintage

I can't believe that December is actually here we're only a month a way from a new year. And let me tell ya I'm happy that it's almost here. New beginnings for myself and my family. It has been such a long time since I've posted any outfits but I promise to keep to the schedule. It's hard to do so since the time change and all by the time I get off of work the sun is setting down. Bummer for me. What do you guys think of my tights I'm trying out colored tights. So this winter you'll see me wear more colored, patterned and plane tights. Yay!!! Well have a great weekend guys!!

Mama's Christmas Wishlist

Figuring out what you want for Christmas can be hard.
But for me I've been eyeing these for quite sometime.