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Bits + instapieces

1. Colorful Paint. 2. Asa's beautiful art work "the roller-coaster"

3. A new bubble gun. 4. Caterpillar bubble.

5. Beautiful prints/colors for Spring/Summer. 6. Woke up from her nap and refused to take photos.

7. So independent, demanded she hold the basket. 8. My hunny's lunch at Red Lobster.

9. My lunch at Wall Street Bar and Grill, "Souther Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato fries. 10. Fabric picking.

11. A 15 minute nap in. 12. $20 plate well worth it.

13. My love. 14. Frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.

15. Quick two hour dinner date/frozen yogurt. 16. Company birthday lunch.

Hey, guys. Sorry for the unreasonably blog break sometimes it's just best to take some time off. But boy how I've missed you guys. We've had a busy, yet productive couple of days filled with amazing great news, new goals and projects that I can't wait to share soon. I have been getting my daughter's party together since I only have less then one month to plan it and also decided to go back to the gym as part of the project I'm working on. That being said here's a tid bit of what we've been up to. I promise to be sure to catch up on all of your lovely blogs.


Bits + instapieces

This weekend flew by fast not to mention the amount of events happening. While daddy was at clinicals on Friday, Asa and I accompanied a friend to the mall. Saturday, we celebrated Kimber's 3rd birthday party filled with ice-cream cone cupcakes, jumping and video arcades. We then visited my family for a bit and did a little shopping. Sunday was very relaxing lazying about in our pj's while Asa baked cookies with her grandma. How was your weekend?


Mama Style: WHAT I WORE

top- charlotte russe, under top- agaci, pants- target, bag- pacsun, shoes- forever21

Remember when I said I haven't been in the mood to dress up well when it came to putting this outfit together today I was excited. This is by far my most favorite outfit thus far. What really pulled this outfit together was the necklace. Ever feel that way about an accessory? Well it's fashion week and I'm ready to see new trends for this year. As for me I'm not lucky enough to be front row at some of the most amazing shows but I guess I'll just surf the net and see what designers have come up with. 

Insta Photo Challenge.

Remember when I said I would be participating in Fat Mum Slim February Instagram photo challenge well I've been actually keeping up with it and having such a great time taking photos of each different challenge a day. Through out the week I will post photos I've captured. Enjoy.
Day One- My view today...afternoon coffee at Starbucks.

Day two: Words...Asa in her jammies.

Day three: hands...trying to sign "I love you"

Day four: stranger...I feel like a stalker

Day five: 10:04 morning joy

Day six: dinner...Smiling Moose side salad

Day seven: button...Asa showing her belly "button.


Little Miss Style: What she wore

Top/vest- old navy, shorts- unknown, tights- toys r us, boots/bag- target

Lately as it seems we've been lazy with our outfit posting. Ever feel like not wanting to dress in the morning well for me it has been that way. This was what Asa wore on Saturday, I'm a little late posting it but trying to keep a regular set schedule here on the blog hasn't been consistent. I was really surprised that she wanted to wear those boots you see she rarely lets me dress her and the funny thing is she wants to always dress like daddy. But when it's just us I try and fight with her to wear outfits I pick out and when she agrees too I get overly excited. I can't wait for summer to get here so that I can actually get excited about dressing up, any of you as excited as I am?


Bits + instapieces

What an upsetting Sunday, only because the Patriots lost but other then that it was a pretty great weekend. So it seems that Asa and I have been making trips to Barnes and Noble, it is now our "new Saturday ritual." She was searching high and low for a book until we found a Dora book about brushing teeth and what made it even better was that it was pop-up. Justin and I got a chance to attend the Annual Filipino Valentine's Party with my mom and every year as it seems our table is always in the back. I'm not sure why that happens but I'm about tired of it. Other then that it was fun dancing, drinking and had great food afterwards with wonderful company. Sunday is always family day with my family. Asa and I drive 30 minutes for Asa to see her cousins and she always has a blast for that few hours that we are there. How was every one's weekend?


Good eats.

Of course our blog isn't just about love or style but good eats. When we get a chance to make family meals. I try to find recipes that's easy, tasty and inexpensive specially since we're on a tight budget. I've told Justin before that once we move out and he starts working at the hospital that eating healthy would be our goal and change to our new life. Now here's a round up of foods we had this week.

Chicken Noodle Soup- made by my nephew's grandma

Penne pasta with pesto sauce

Pita hamburger with avocado mayo and sweet potatoes

Light chicken pot pie


For Mama: Work Attire

Mama Style: Office Atire

Twisted tee, $50
Quiksilver jacket, $75
Cheap Monday stretch skinny jeans, $71
Zara platform shoes, $90
ASOS vintage style handbag, $63
Lancome Cosmetics and Skin Care Official Site: Make up, Skincare,..., $29

Hey, guys! I have been thinking a lot well about my style in general. I don't have a specific style but when I get up in the morning I stare at my closet thinking I don't anything to wear knowing that I can easily put an outfit together in less then two seconds. I guess when I tell myself that my specific style consists of a mix of boho chic meets vintage while having an affair with romantic garments. I try my best to dress in clothes I like and that I know is age appropriate for me. I'm hitting the big 28 this year and I just can not dress how I used to. I mean I don't want to dress like an old lady sporting a mumu dress (if that is even the correct term). Now I've put this work attire outfit together on Polyvore. It has been a long time since I've use Polyvore and that was over 2 years ago when I first opened my account. I wanted to create outfits that I can showcase here on the blog so I created one directly for my blog. I love that you can find anything and everything and now that you can direct it to your blog is so much fun and beats having to use any photoshop to create a collage. If any of you fine readers out there using it lets follow each other. I will have sets created in different catergories. I hope you enjoy a somewhat new post here on the blog. Have a great day guys!!

PS. I am participating in Fat Mum Slim photo challenge and I'm having a blast even though it's just two days. Heheh.