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For Mama: Work Attire

Mama Style: Office Atire

Twisted tee, $50
Quiksilver jacket, $75
Cheap Monday stretch skinny jeans, $71
Zara platform shoes, $90
ASOS vintage style handbag, $63
Lancome Cosmetics and Skin Care Official Site: Make up, Skincare,..., $29

Hey, guys! I have been thinking a lot well about my style in general. I don't have a specific style but when I get up in the morning I stare at my closet thinking I don't anything to wear knowing that I can easily put an outfit together in less then two seconds. I guess when I tell myself that my specific style consists of a mix of boho chic meets vintage while having an affair with romantic garments. I try my best to dress in clothes I like and that I know is age appropriate for me. I'm hitting the big 28 this year and I just can not dress how I used to. I mean I don't want to dress like an old lady sporting a mumu dress (if that is even the correct term). Now I've put this work attire outfit together on Polyvore. It has been a long time since I've use Polyvore and that was over 2 years ago when I first opened my account. I wanted to create outfits that I can showcase here on the blog so I created one directly for my blog. I love that you can find anything and everything and now that you can direct it to your blog is so much fun and beats having to use any photoshop to create a collage. If any of you fine readers out there using it lets follow each other. I will have sets created in different catergories. I hope you enjoy a somewhat new post here on the blog. Have a great day guys!!

PS. I am participating in Fat Mum Slim photo challenge and I'm having a blast even though it's just two days. Heheh.


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