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Mama Style: What I wore

dress- ross, flatforms- Jessica Simpson (Hautelook), clutch- given

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I did a style post and I must add that I miss it so much but with our busy schedule we hardly have to time to take any photos. If you have instagram you'll find me more on there under my blog name. It is getting close to my hunny graduating, which by the way is May 11th and we are happy that it's coming to an end and that our new life will soon unfold. We have been searching for a house to rent but it's crazy here right now with people taking anything that gets put on market. We will be living in a townhouse for the time being. I really miss all of you and your blog. I hope once this madness is all over with I can get back to my regular schedule blogging. I almost forgot to mention that I ombred my hair a few weeks back. I still need to go higher and maybe to go a tad bit lighter but I love it. Well have a great day.


Life Lately...

It seems as if it has been decades since I've posted and I'm trying to play catchup on this blog. I feel as if I've failed at doing so and following everyone's. We had a wonderful Easter, decorating eggs with close friends, two egg hunts and one happy toddler receiving three baskets. The tot's birthday party also came and went, we had a blast and so did the kids. I will have photos up soon. Great news as well, my hunny passed his exit test for the program now just the state boards to tackle. We've been searching hight and low for houses to rent but so it seems the oil business is booming since gas is hitting $4.00 a gallon. Once things die down I hope to get back to blogging, I miss you guys so much. Hope you guys have had a great day.


She's now three.

I can't believe that my baby is now three, time has flown by so fast. It's unreal that she's becoming to be a big girl and so independent. This morning we woke and laid around bed until it was time for her first dentist appointment which went great and no cavities. Afterwards, I took her on a birthday lunch to Chuckie Cheese so glad there wasn't so many kids out there. We ordered her a Dora cake and got two Dora balloons at her request. We then went to the mall to shop, well at least I did she fell asleep. As we got home we prepared for her birthday dinner of hot dogs then cake. It was a small birthday gathering with family until her actual birthday party next Sunday. Right now I'm about to snuggle in bed with my box of tissue, medicine and rest for the night. I think I caught some sort of bug and I'm not feeling to well. Happy birthday, Asa mommy and daddy love you oh so much.