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What an upsetting Sunday, only because the Patriots lost but other then that it was a pretty great weekend. So it seems that Asa and I have been making trips to Barnes and Noble, it is now our "new Saturday ritual." She was searching high and low for a book until we found a Dora book about brushing teeth and what made it even better was that it was pop-up. Justin and I got a chance to attend the Annual Filipino Valentine's Party with my mom and every year as it seems our table is always in the back. I'm not sure why that happens but I'm about tired of it. Other then that it was fun dancing, drinking and had great food afterwards with wonderful company. Sunday is always family day with my family. Asa and I drive 30 minutes for Asa to see her cousins and she always has a blast for that few hours that we are there. How was every one's weekend?


  1. aww..reading toddlers are the cutest!! And sorry for Pats loss! Here in NY they are ecstatic!
    - Jyoti

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