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Bits + instapieces

1. Colorful Paint. 2. Asa's beautiful art work "the roller-coaster"

3. A new bubble gun. 4. Caterpillar bubble.

5. Beautiful prints/colors for Spring/Summer. 6. Woke up from her nap and refused to take photos.

7. So independent, demanded she hold the basket. 8. My hunny's lunch at Red Lobster.

9. My lunch at Wall Street Bar and Grill, "Souther Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato fries. 10. Fabric picking.

11. A 15 minute nap in. 12. $20 plate well worth it.

13. My love. 14. Frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.

15. Quick two hour dinner date/frozen yogurt. 16. Company birthday lunch.

Hey, guys. Sorry for the unreasonably blog break sometimes it's just best to take some time off. But boy how I've missed you guys. We've had a busy, yet productive couple of days filled with amazing great news, new goals and projects that I can't wait to share soon. I have been getting my daughter's party together since I only have less then one month to plan it and also decided to go back to the gym as part of the project I'm working on. That being said here's a tid bit of what we've been up to. I promise to be sure to catch up on all of your lovely blogs.


Thank you oh so much for your sweet comments and stopping by. I will be sure to say hello at yours as well.