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A 366 Photo Project.

Photos- Take last year for her 2nd Birthday

Since I started blogging at Styleforecast almost a year ago I documented my everyday outfits. I had been so inspired by other bloggers like myself who posted daily outfits while including personal touches about their everyday life. So, I created Eat Love and Style to document not only my style but my family as well. I've also included anything related to what I loved most. I wanted to document my daughter's life and in hopes that one day she will read what I've wrote about our life and inspire her to blog about her adventures in life in the near future. I wasn't lucky enough to find the blogging world until Asa was a litte over a year old. I didn't get a chance to document her grow through this blog but I'm changing all of that. I started sort of late creating Tot Diaries and failed at posting photos of her day to day. I am now attempting it again starting January 1st to mark the first "photo a day" then after the year is up I will create a book for my keeping and to show friends and family who don't follow the blog daily. As of right now I'm not using the very best of cameras but I will sure try using whatever I have from my Canon powershot to my newly upgraded iphone and such apps like my ever so favorite instagram until I have saved enough to swoon over a semi-pro camera. I've decided to shut down Tot Diaries and will create a whole new blog for the little booger over at tumblr and as soon as I get that going I will let you guys know. This is such a great project and I've seen other bloggers do it and are still going through with the project but it takes time and a camera to snap something memorable. If you don't have kiddos of your own do a style post, your everyday life or just because. I can't wait to start this project. I hope you guys join and link up in this post.


  1. good luck my dear and i just love those photos of her 2nd birthday!!!!! merry christmas!

  2. i like the Tot Diaries idea, and Asa looks so adorable in her little photo shoot!

  3. Really cute pics. Wishing you merry Christmas and I'm sure Santa will bring loads of presents.


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