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Semi-Year in Review

Here is our very first semi-year in review of the blog. I can't believe how much this blog has grown in many ways. I love that I made the decision to create a blog like this that signifies my family and myself as a loving, caring and strong family. I know that 2012 has a lot in store for us and I sure can't wait for that to happen.


May was the starting point to this blog not only that but I was introduced to instagram and that is where my addiction to adding over 300 photos to use on this blog brought the first blog post. We tried out Freebirds for the first time and boy was it declisious. Our first family style post was included although it was somewhat hard to do so since it was our first ever and we have yet to invest on a tripod so that we can continue do more family post in the future. May was also great since my hunny's birthday is in the month of May and we had a wonderful mother's day lunch with my mom. What a great month.


We packed for our first family trip of the year to Arkansas with Justin's grandparents we went thrifting, sight seeing at historic sites, took Asa to her first museum of course while I was gone on our wonderful vacation I had some amazing bloggers guest post while I was gone like hereherehere and here. We had such a great time in Arkansas and we can't wait to go back because there is so much more to do and see.


We celebrated Aydens birthday party at Mr. Gatti's. We had such a great time and Asa loves playing with Ayden. The best part of this month was the tots first ever style post she is the cutest little thing.


My hunny and I went to our first ever Blue's Fest and I unveiled the opening of Lilybird Vintage.


The best month ever, why you ask well it was my birthday.


My adorable cutie pie was Minnie Mouse for Halloween and I tried my hardest and created her second costume. Of course she was the cutest little minnie I have ever seen. I opened my kiddo store Lilybird Vintage and had my first craft show.


This year we had Thanksgiving at my moms and we had Filipino which we rarely get and when we do we stuff ourselves until we are sick. We love my mommy's cooking.


And we had a wonderful Christmas with all of our families...until the New Year for a new beginning.


  1. Love this post girl! Happy new year to you and your cute family xoxo


Thank you oh so much for your sweet comments and stopping by. I will be sure to say hello at yours as well.