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Weekend Project: Gingerbread House

Over the weekend, Asa and I went over to a friend's house so that Asa could build a gingerbread house with the girls for the first time (my first time too). I have never built one and I purchased a kit from Target for $8 little did I know how much work it would be and that those darn pieces don't stick well with the icing they put in the kit. It managed to stick together after holding it for about 10 minutes. Then we iced it and let the girls decorate it as they pleased. I figured it would look similar to the picture on the kit man whoever put it together did an amazing job. I couldn't get my icicles right. Oh well at least Asa had a blast decorating while eating the candy. Has anyone build one before using a kit or from scratch?


  1. well, it still looks good! i bought a kit last year and omg did we totally fail at building it! i put too much water in the icing mix somehow and it just... went to shit, lol. have a good one, babe!!

    love, jamie

  2. looks great! it's so much fun crafting with the kiddies over the holidays!!

    Oh - Fancy That.

  3. Oh my goodness it came out fun for the kids!


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