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Party Details.

I have been pinning up a storm on Pinterest ideas for the tot's party next year. I've discussed with Justin's mom how everything will come to play and that this party will allow us to actually enjoy it. Last year was a mess we we're running late, still preparing for the party last minute, with only three hours of sleep, and managed to finish the cake before we had to sing Happy Birthday!! I'm not saying it was a disaster but I'd like to be more prepared. As you know from this post of what the party theme is we are now slowly making preparations of what needs to be done a head of time. I know I'd like it to be colorful, hints of glitter, tasty sweets and bold details. I can't wait and as it seems I have it perfectly planted in my head on how everything will look.

Footnote: There will be a couple of changes on the blog so look out for that...and more interactions with all you fine people. Have a great day!!!


  1. I haven't really checked out pinterest yet...I guess I am missing out!

    Happy Monday!!

    ♥ Shia

  2. i'm obsessed w/ macarons. i'm going to serve them at every party i throw. :) xx


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