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Ever wanted to learn how to crochet but could never figure out what the terms (hdc) half double crochet stitch or (dtr) double treble crochet stitch means. Well here's your chance to learn it all. Dana, from Crafty Minx is offering all readers to learn how to crochet for free, yup that's right you read it correctly FREE!! Are you excited yet, because I know I am and I can't wait to start the class. I know the basics to crocheting that is my crochet hair bows you can find here. Let me give you guys the 411 on how I learned to crochet. It all started by a child hood friend crocheting a few things that I don't remember what since it was ages ago. I was intrigued by her talent that I had to learn. The minute I picked up my very first crochet hook I was immediatley hooked. I couldn't stop myself from making all sorts of things from Barbie clothes to baby dresses. But as I got older my learning ability for crocheting vanished. When I started making my crochet hair bows I was stunned that I couldn't figure it out. I found a pattern on Etsy to learn how to make my crochet hair bows and I was convinced I would pick it up instantly unfortunately I didn't. What else was I suppose to do but to learn it myself and that's exactly what I did. Long story short, I am still craving to learn more of it and that is why I am taking this class. I can't wait for it to start. Are any of you itching to learn how to crochet? Well here's your chance. Read below on some more info.

Class: Crochet
When: October 1st
Time: Your time any time
Type: Videos
Where: Crafty Minx
Tuition: FREE
Syllabus: Must Read

I hope you all join this amazing class! Happy Crocheting!!


  1. Wow this is amazing! I already know how to crochet a bit but would love to learn more!! Sounds awesome!!! xo


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