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Born to dance

This little cutie so eagerly waiting in her pink dance outfit was born to dance. We started the Mommy and Me dance class yesterday and boy was this tot excited. Although, I was nervous for her but after waiting 20 minutes the class was ready to start. We met the instructor Mrs Catie who was the nicest teacher ever and the other Mommy's and kiddos, which there was only three in her class with her included. We started with a warm up but the poor tot was shy for only just 10 minutes. We were doing silly dances, learning to walk like a ballerina, walked on the balancing beam and Asa tried her hardest to walk like a bear. Before the 45 minute class ended Mrs Catie asked the girls what they had learned, and sweet Asa responded to "we excerise," and managed to help the last girl who was asked a gentle whisper of what they learned. She is such a great little helper. It was a blast seeing her in a different enviornment rather then what she normal routine. We go once a week every Thursday and we can't wait to go again.

Footnote: I hope to get more photos of us.


  1. Oh, this is too cute! I love her little ballerina outfit :) It sounds like she had a lot of fun.


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