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Yay, I'm super excited that US can finally shop online at Zara. Dreams do come true!! I have been eyeing a few kiddo clothes for the tot. I'm hoping that this fall/winter will be cold enough for her to wear some adorable cozy pieces I've already added to my shopping cart. How adorable are these boots paired with some colored leggings, shorts and a cute top or even a dress there are endless possibilities for styling these boots. I just can't wait. Are you guys excited?


  1. What? I so didn't know this - crap, now I'm going to spend too much money online!! :)

  2. ohhhhhh my gosh. this is GREAT news! thanks for sharing =)


  3. I got so excited when I heard about this! I have a Zara near by, but they always run out of shoes in my size. Love those booties.

  4. im excited as well. :) zara will def burn a hole inside my wallet. :(( anywho thank you for your potty advise. it feels so much better knowing that i am not alone. hehe

    xox emkae

  5. yes, I am super thrilled. i have a bunch of items in my shopping cart already... now i have to edit and go through what i really "need". tee hee!

    xx Love & Aloha
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  6. Zara has some awesome footwear! I love these.

    xo L.


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