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How to: The Fun Bun

I'm sure you all have heard of the website, The Beauty Department a place where you can find some of the greatest hair tutorials to make up tips. Lauren Conrad, from "The Hills," is one of three who contributes to giving advices in all aspects of beauty. I can be a rut sometimes when it comes to that department so why not follow a few of their secrets with my daily routine or to just mix it up. I've sported a bun before only just around the house but never out in publie, I feel that this wouldn't be the best style for my head shape. I've seen so many cute styled buns out there that I'm dying and slightly convinced that I can pull it off outside my home. So, I am going to attempt this someday when I'm not up to styling my usual do. What do you guys think of buns?


  1. I'm wearing a bun today, but it definitely does not look like this. I can never manage to make it look this good, but I'll definitely try harder with this great post!


  2. i love this! im not sure if i can rawk but might give it a try!


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