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Family Style: WHAT WE WORE

Here is the second segment of what we wore and you can check out the first here. We haven't made this of priority here on the blog, since it is so hard to get the right time and attire for all of us. Next week hopefully I will purchase a tripod so that we can take photos other then a snap here and there of one another. Now more and more people are noticing us taking pictures at random places and here we are at Target after leaving with a birthday present. A guy asked if we got any good pictures and a couple of cars were slowly passing seeing what it was we were doing. I thought it was cute, funny and creepy at the same time. But what can you say I think we're the only family in town who has a blog documenting about their style, I mean our style.

Little miss style
top/sandals- crazy8
shorts- gymboree
sunnies- unknown
bow- Lilybird Vintage (coming soon)

Papa style
shirt- old navy
jeans- arizona jeans
shoes- h&m

Mama style
shorts/shoes- charlotte russe
top- forever21

Footnote: notice the new domain name for the blog we are now a .com, yay!!!


  1. I love seeing the variety of fashion on this post. Men's and kids and ladies too! Really love it x

  2. You look stunning! Your daughter looks so adorable ♥

    p.s: check out my giveaway!

  3. cute post! Happy family! <3
    Mama and kid so adorable :)

    sweet and sugars,

  4. That is such a cool idea for posts! Adorable!

  5. beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Your little flower is adorable!!!=)

  6. Your daughter is stealing the show! She's so cute! :)

  7. you are one hot mama! i can see where your lil' girl gets her style from! xx


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