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Letters to my loves

My dearest hunny buns (what I call him),
You are the most remarkable, loving, supportive and handsome man who has entered my life. You have given me the greatest gift of all, our daughter who I absolutely cherish the most. I love that you stand by every decisions I make with my life, supporting me with my career and have stood by me through it all. Yesterday you listened to all the problems that were going on. I cried and you were there to dry my tears, I had hate but you were there to love me and above all I lacked confidence and encouragement for myself but you were there to say how beautiful I was. With your support and love it has made me want to feel better about myself and I couldn't do it without you and everything you are doing for our daughter and myself. So I thank you, hunny and I love you deeply!

Footnote: I will later post photos of our weekend. But for now I just want to share how wonderful my hunny is to the world.


  1. awww this post is so sweet. he is lucky to have you! xx

  2. He's a lucky man and you're a lucky woman for having each other...Great and so touching post doll.

    <3 Marina


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