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Snapshots of food.

Iced caramel mocchiato, hamburger on a pita bread, banana nut bread & chicken and dumpling soup

Through out the week I manage to snap photos using my iphone of foods I eat, bake or see. I love food, I mean who doesn't. This is a new segment on the blog of foods I find amazing until I manage to have my dream kitchen to post my own recipes and baking skills for you all to see. I hope you enjoy more photos of amazing delicious foods.

I have a love for coffee like I do clothes. I can never get enough of it and I tried Smiling Moose's iced caramel mocchiato for the first time and I must say it was better then Starbucks. The one night that we couldn't figure out what to do for dinner I whipped up hamburgers cooked them on a panini maker that you can use to cook anything on with that hamburger it included my avocado mayo dressing, spinach, pepper jack cheese on a pita bread. I attempted my first take in baking banana nut bread and it came out fantastic. I think next time I make it I will have to use wheat flour. Last Monday, we were welcomed to at least 10 inches of snow and what better way then to have soup night. I convinced Justin's mom to make her delicious soup and she makes the best I've ever tasted. Well that's it for last weeks snapshots of food until next week, enjoy!!


  1. oh my! i'm starving here!!! and those pictures look so tasty!!!

    allister bee blog


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