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The first week of Justin's school went smoothly, although he had so much reading to do we still managed to have a date night. We happened to pick Chilis last minute to eat dinner then followed by the newest Underworld movie, which by the way was awesome if anyone would care to know. I love these types of movies and Kate Beckinsale can sure kick ass (pardon my french). Notice my new pair of leopard loafers. They came in last week and boy was I pleased. I haven't worn them out yet I'm actually waiting for the right moment. Sunday was a pleasant day Asa and I went to visit family which whom we haven't seen in a while. And Asa really misses her cousin noticed her outfit that my nephew happen to help her in...such the cutest little Iron Man I ever did see. Well I hope you all had a great week and weekend.

Footnote: Trying out new titles for my regular post that I have been inspired by other bloggers.


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