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Potty Training.

For parents like myself I couldn't wait to see the tot take her first few steps and now we can't wait until she's full on potty trained. We started when she was one and half years. Now for a toddler that young to understand the concept of going to the bathroom is limited. It was an off and on and on going training. We stopped for a while since she refused to go or wear her undies. This was something we weren't fully committed to. We figured she will catch on and let us know when she needed to go. We've tried everything there was to training her from songs, giving her something to drink or give her a book to read you name it we've done it. We just basically asked when she needed to go and if she did we would a sticker on her potty chart. When we got the chance to convince her to wear her undies we jumped for joy. Now the past few weeks have been a breeze. While I'm at work my sister-in-law watches her and she's been working with her on potty training. When I get my potty reports it just melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes when she went through a whole nap time with no accidents, car rides, going to the store and just around the house because I know that my little one is growing oh so fast. We haven't had much accidents and as of last night she slept through the night with undies on. I'm the proudest mama out there. I just wanted to share this amazing milestone.

PS. I forgot to post the link to the 366 Photo project here.


  1. HAHA, this is too cute!! Good for her though!!
    Oh and wait until she is 16 and you show her these pics...:-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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