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This weekend was quite nice. I spent it with my cutie pie while we let daddy catch up on some studying. What was on our agenda you ask? Well I took the tot to target to pick out a reward for doing fantastic in potty training, we walked and shopped the mall I got a pair of boots for $13, what a steal it was, and afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble for coffee and picked up some books to add to her collection. Sunday was pleasant, we visited my family and did more shopping. Then headed home to cook dinner. How was your weekend? Does anyone follow Fat Mum Slim? Well she has an amazing instagram photo challenge, that I am considering in joining. Her February challenge is already up and it looks so much fun. Check it out below.


  1. OMG CUTE BABIES. Great pics and I love the challenge ideas. So creative!

  2. your hair looks amazingggggg in the third pic on the right!

    xo Jackie

  3. Love your shots from your "adventure" ... too, too sweet! I want to steal your leopard flats ... LOVE!

    You are a brave girl for even attempting to tackle a photo-a-day challenge. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to try to do this one month but am so intimidated by the time commitment! :) I hope you take the challenge, it would be fun to see what you come up with each day!

  4. she is stinking cute!!! and also so photogenic too! i am participating the feb a day challenge, we'll see if i get very far!


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