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Review: Tag Junior

When it comes to toys for Asa we love to buy educational toys. For birthdays or Christmas that's one thing we ask friends and families to buy her rather then your typical toys. Now, Asa loves to read what kid doesn't and since she's at that stage where learning is essential. We find ways for her to learn on her own whether it be watching Dora or playing with her flash cards. For Christmas we purchased the Tag Junior it came with a device that you connect to your computer, register onto Leapfrog and you download the books you've purchased and one book. There is only a limited amount of space of books for the device to download. For Asa's Tag Junior she has a total of 10 books. I recommend this to every parent. She has such a great time learning and following. I love the fact that you can take the device and place it anywhere on the book and whether it's a noise it makes, instructions to what to do or the area where it reads to you. After the end of the book Asa will notice other books that she wants. We will soon have a collection of books for her tag.

Tag Junior: Purchased at Toys R Us- $29.99
Age: 2-4 years old
Product: Tag device, USB cord and one book
Books Purchased: Book Set- $11.99, 1-2-3 Dora- $11.99 and Toy Story 3- $11.99


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