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Party Details.

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I have exactly three months to plan Asa's party and I know if I don't jump right to it I will be planning this last minute and of course I don't want that to happen again. There is still so much to do from purchasing supplies, painting, cutting and test baking for her cake. I know what I want and I can picture it in my head looking so perfect and everything in it's own place. I've already started collecting a few things here and there. What stress this will be but I'm telling myself to "Keep calm and plan this party." I hope you all have been doing great. Sorry for the lack of outfit post, I had planned on doing a few post but the weather here has been horrible snowing one day, gloomy the next and if we're lucky sunny. I tell ya our weather has a mind of it's own, it can never make up it's mind on what weather is best for us. Have a great day, everyone!!

If you'd like to know other details to her party here are parts (one & two)


  1. aw, how exciting! my youngest nephew is turning one in feb and i have been planning his party, too. good luck and i cant wait to see the finished product!

    love, jamie


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