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First visit to Freebirds


Here is part one to a start of our weekend. Although there will be more pictures to come but its always great to spend it with family and friends. We tried out Freebirds for the first time after opening for a month and a two block radius waiting line and believe me I would have waited. I want to start documenting different places I eat at, since I'm one to try out new things so why not do so.

Freebirds: Midland, Texas
Type: It's like Subway but for burritos
Instructions: Choose your tortilla and size, type of rice, cheese, meat, beans, veggies and other condiments
Price: Reasonable

My choice was a spinach tortilla with cilantro lime rice, monterey cheese, white chicken, black beans, roasted corn, red onions and cilantro. I was so impressed with my choices that I'm sure I will get more than once. I'm hungry just typing this and describing exactly what I added to my burrito. The place was so lively and rock n roll. There was a motorcycle with the statue of liberty riding on it extremely cool. The line was semi-long which we waited for about 30 minutes but it was worth it. If you ever happen to see this in any town you stop by or when your ever in my town be sure to try them out.


  1. so perfect- I'm going to the game with the famil today, its fabulous.


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