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snapshots of life, a great weekend

1. amazing print I'd like to make a skirt or short out of
2. trying out Freebirds
3. waiting in line for 30 minutes
4. Asa wanted to be held by daddy
5. daddy
6. trying out his burrito
7. my burrito
8. baseball
9. watching the game
10. I want to make this but tweak it a bit
11. visiting cousins
12. hannah bear
13. lemon snow cone with chili
14. watching movies before bed
15. using the measuring up as her hat
16. tired after the drive in
17. looking at the window for the train
18. daddy's early birthday bbq at his grandparents


  1. Hello!

    Thank you for your sweet comment--I'm glad to have found your blog! And did you say "lemon snow cone with chili"?! MMM!

  2. LOVE those pics!!! Freebirds is pretty good :) I love hanging out with my family...and it looks like you do too :)


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