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Mama Style: WHAT I WORE

top/blazer- unknown, shorts- maxrave, heels- forever21, purse- vintage

Hey, everyone!! I decided not to edit any of my photos so that you can see my outfits a little better. I am in love with my new red purse. Remember when I said I was going to Goodwill on my last post well I'm glad I did or else I wouldn't have found this baby. Today was such a busy day for me, my first day in my new office. Please bare with me guys I am so behind on reading all of your post but will get back on my regular schedule soon.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, well layered everything and I love your hair.

  2. that looks so cute :)
    love the belt!

  3. !! i love your purse!! score for vintage finds! :)


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