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Crafty Rooms

Everyday I dream of how my craft room will look like a little bit of modern with a vintage touch. I can picture it in my head how neatly everything will be put in place and how each area will hold a story. Oh to dream!! Someday I will have my dream craft room but for now I'll settle with what I have. We all can dream right...


  1. I love the second one. Maybe we should call HGTV see if they can hook us up!

  2. Sigh...these crafty rooms are gorgeous!!! I'm dreaming with you too girl.

    <3 Marina

  3. ahh i would be happy if i could even rent one of these rooms for a day

  4. I would like to have a craft room 2! Those pics are really cute and so colorful! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog dear!
    xoxo Kiki

  5. I have always wanted to make my own craft room, what great inspiration!
    xo Lynzy

  6. These rooms are absolute DREAMS! Le sigh, I wish I had the interior design capability to decorate like this... ❤

  7. What beautiful spaces! We all wish we were that organized - don't worry, you're not alone! ;)

    sorelle in style


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