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snapshots of life, and a birthday party

Happy Monday, everyone!!! It's a start of a new work week for me. I have enjoyed every minute of my weekend spending it with my love and the tot. We celebrated Aiden's fifth birthday party, watched two movies at the drive in, shopped a little at our fave store Target, painted and made some neon chalk. Oh how I loved my weekend oh so much. Below are a few instagram shots I took. Check it out.

1. dinner at Cornio's
2. upset that someone else was playing with the Cars toy
3. a ball plus a Scooby Doo movie equals AWESOME
4. she found money to put in her piggy bank
5. daddy reading her an ABC story while showing ABC signs
6. my love
7. picking out books for the tot
8. at the birthday party
9. painting
10. the tot's neon gorilla chalk
11. my dream car
12. testing out the new chalk we made


  1. i just got instragram and LOVEEEE it! looks like u had an awesome weekend with your lil baby!


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