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Hot Springs, Arkansas Pt two: Asa's day at the museum

One day of our vacation we took Asa to Mid-America Science Museum. It was Asa's first time experiencing such a place and boy did she have a blast. She was surrounded with so many things that she has never seen or ever heard of. Even though she was a bit to young to do most of the neat things they had there but I'm sure the next time we go she will be able to reach some of the instruments.

Footnote: Just noticed that a few of my pictures wasn't working. I took them out and will have to add them later.


  1. What a fun family vacay! You have a lovely family:) Your daughter is adorable and love her name! Thanks again for dropping by my blog! Glad I'm not the only one who can't seem to stay away from the internet on vacation hehe;) -A


  2. aawww...she's such a cutie. Sweet and adorable post.

    <3 Marina


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