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snapshots of life, a day spent with family and friends

I'm trying out something different with my instagram weekend photos before I had all the photos as a collage but opted for this style. What do you guys think? Old way or new way??

a. shopping for our trip to Arkansas
b. eat my delicious mexican food lunch
c. eating lunch with friends
d. a special gift for daddy
e. an adorable thrifted dress
f. three little rugrats
g. dinner with my love and family
h. cute printed dress I wore
i. she loves her cousin
j. trying on shoes
k. excited about candy
l. fathers day!!


  1. So cute!!! Thanks for sharing looks like a fun weekend indeed! I like the new way :)

  2. Very cute!! Love the film strip style :)

  3. Awww :) SO cute! looks like you had a great weekend :)

    Love, Vanilla


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