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snapshots of life, trip to Arkansas

First snaps
a. had dinner with Justin's grandparents

Second snaps
b. asa had her first ice-cream at brauns, my banana split ice-cream and the tot falling asleep

Third snaps
c. dinner at AJ's all you can eat fried goodness, Asa enjoying her food and some peach cobbler

Fourth snaps
d. on the road again...Justin watching netflix, a view of the lake and Asa watching Toys Story

Fifth snaps
e. my loves asleep and we took Asa to the park

Sixth snaps
f. walking the trail to view the lake


  1. Looks like you guys are having fun! Mmm peach cobbler sounds so good right now..never mind the fact that is 7am lol!

  2. Looks like your vacation is going great!! Cute pics :)

  3. aw, these are so cute! picture perfect memories!! hope that you guys are having a Blast!!! cant wait to see more photos :)

  4. So adorable! I love the way you put those together - so vintage.


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