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snapshots of life, our weekend

1. Veronica's 2nd birthday party. Asa playing with Zoey
2. Picking out different fabrics for my up and coming projects
3. Rocking Asa so she can nap
4. Trying out Smiling Moose Deli. My sandwich I created my own.
5. Justin's sandwich
5. Asa drinking Cream Soda
6. Thrifting
7. Me
8. Falling asleep after a visit at the Antique mall
9. At the drive in
10. Asa waving to the kiddos next to our car
11. Daddy helping Asa brush her teeth
12. Lunch and play time at McDonalds
13. My nephew
14. My niece and nephew
15. Shopping at Ross
16. A visit from Grandma


  1. This is sooooo "Beautiful" thank you so much for sharing such precious pics.

    <3 Marina


Thank you oh so much for your sweet comments and stopping by. I will be sure to say hello at yours as well.