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Mama Style: WHAT I WORE

top- target, shorts/wedges- forever21, bag/cardigan- charlotte russe

Oh Monday, why must you come so early? At least my day went by fast since Monday's rather a busy day for me. How was everyone's weekend? Today, my hunny and I decided to have lunch since there was a bit of an accident which involved the worst painful smell ever. We stopped by Albertson's to buy a Lean Cuisine for me to have for lunch, once going down the freezer aisle I could not bare the odor and boy was it awful. After having the thought run through my head if I was to eat my Lean Cuisine that I would smell it as I was eating it. I told Justin to pick me up and we would grab some burritos and take some outfit pictures. Now you've probably seen me wear this outfit before when Justin and I attended the Blues Fest. I couldn't resist I had to wear it again and there's nothing wrong with wearing something twice, right? Any who, my hunny just walked in the door and I had already prepared dinner, mmmm wheat pasta with pesto sauce. So tootles for now!!!


  1. Great bag! So cute!

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    Yes! the mary jane clogs are from forever 21!

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    maria :)

  3. i love your blouse! your style is amazing!

    Following you fellow momma!:)

  4. We definitely believe in wearing things as many times as you like! Love the feathers!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. This is a great outfit- wear it as many times and as many ways as possible!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- hope you enjoyed the content and care to follow back!

    Liv @

  6. thank you for your nice comment, really sweet!
    You've got a beautifull blog by the way! I LOVE IT!
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  7. Great outfit girl :)
    Thanks for the comment

  8. such a gorgeous outfit! i have that exact same top from target! lol.. love the way u hv styled it!

  9. Nice outfit!!!

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  10. this outfit is super cute! Iove the shirt/shorts combo


  11. Your top is so pretty! I love the way you paired it with the shorts, they have a great colour.



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