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I know it's not your average great pose in front of a mirror using your iphone to take your photo but I had to give it a try. I'm no expert when it comes to taking pictures of myself in front of the mirror. Today was an exception since it was the first day I opened my Shape workout video that I purchased here and lets just say I've had it for the longest time. I am determined to get back into shape in a year since I'm taking my hunny to California next summer. I hope to keep on track and live a healthier life but I guess we will just have see its end results. What are your workout routine or diet plans? Oh please do share.

Workout: Shape's 5 Day Jumpstart Video
Cardio: 20 minutes
Ab workout: 20 minutes

Footnote: Please excuse the tots pile of clothes on the bed. We've been needing to get some more hangers and we can't seem to fit them all in her closet. 


  1. I've never been one for workout videos, always like to work out outside but now that I live in Texas and it's hotter than heck...I might have to try it.

  2. well, I jog every morning or late afternoon, and I keep track of the calories I eat. and yes, I have an app that has been very helpful to me you might wanna try it, - its my fitness pal :)
    Let me know what you think!

  3. Hi!
    You have cool photo))
    I follow you))Follow me?

  4. aw thank you :) that's so nice!
    well i don't really have a workout routine or something..i'm really not the sporty type haha :)

  5. I have a few Zumba DVDs and I love them! Zumba is a great workout and very fun! There are also a lot of free workout videos on They have like every type of fitness video possible! :) Good luck with everything!

  6. I enjoy work out videos, I find its much easier to work out at home! Good luck!!!


  7. Shape workout videos are the only ones I stick with- I'm not a lover of working out, but their vids got me the results I wanted. I have since slid off the wagon, so I'mt also planning to start tracking my fitness on my blog.
    Maybe we can keep each other motivated.

    Liv @

  8. i would sooo love to work out with you! and hey guess what?! i have Internet again! yayyy! ive missed your posts!

    xo, jamie


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