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Little Miss Christmas List

I normally start my Christmas shopping early every year but this Christmas will be somewhat different. Since I'm the only one working and my hunny still in school money is somewhat tight right now. But it isn't all about the gifts just to know you have the people you love to spend it with. This year I wanted to make Asa a few handmade toys and find some adorable vintage toys. I'd rather her have educational toys rather then the usual. I have been searching high and low for ideas of what to make and some unique toys too. I was browsing a blog that I can't remember who but stumbled upon the cutest Maileg Mouse in a matchbox now if only I knew where to get my hands on this particular one. Isn't it the cutest? Now, Pillows by Poppy makes incredible pillows that is not in my budget but I figured I can make one for her. I have always wanted to get Asa a view master since I had one as a kid, I mean what kid didn't they were spectacular. I found this on etsy and of course it's vintage. And last but not least these adorable vintage tea pots. We've been having tea parties well actually coffee parties. She got her first tea set for her 2nd birthday and she loves them so much. Let me know what's on your Christmas List, I would love to know and see.


  1. Paislea, I have fixed the problem. Hopefully it works now.

  2. awww the Viewmaster!! I remember that... so sweet!! xox

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  3. OMG,i can't wait for christmas :D

  4. Those are great finds. I am doing my shopping early as well and mostly online as it is more practical ad using all the early promotions and coupons. For kids we do one gift from Santa and one practical gift from us. The rest of heir wishes go to family to pick an choose.


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