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Snapshots of life, a trip to Target

I can't say that our weekend was filled with exciting plans. It was a lazy, lounge all day in your PJ's while watching Greek on Netflix type of weekend. I didn't plan on this to happen it just seemed more suitable for me really. I wasn't up for anything, although there were things that needed to be done that were neglected like laundry which will never be done, organize my small section of a craft room, plan a few outfits for the week to post photos, and so much more. Do any of you guys feel like just dropping everything just to sit and relax? I know it should be done and while I lay in my bed I see the piles of clothes that need folding, things that should be picked up from the floor, products made for the store and all I do is avoid them. Atleast we got a chance to leave the house to get diapers at Target and we let the tot get a craft project. We put this pink house together when it was suppose to be a castle but I couldn't get the other bloody pieces to hold until at the end I figured out that I need glue. Well she loved it and decorated as she pleased. This was our weekend nothing to exciting.


  1. Aww your daughter is soo adorable!! <3

  2. I feel like that a lot! In fact this week I just had fun and didn't do laundry or go to the grocery store. Both of which really needed to be done. :-)
    Oh and I loved Greek!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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