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Craft Show: Part one

The past two months I have been preparing for the opening of Lilybird Vintage and I must say the past two weeks has been such a hectic and stressful week. I honestly thought to myself that I was prepared with only going on 3 hours of sleep for the past two days had me exhausted beyond belief. I was going crazy in hopes that I had all products finished. Justin helped me cut felt circles out last night and which I am so thankful for and my sister in law came to the rescue to manning the booth. Now mother nature wasn't on our side since an expected thunder and rain storm came just around 3 AM and lasted until 11 AM today. I was already running late and we I mean my daughter, niece, sister and myself in the car with non-stop pouring rain then nature took a new course letting me finally set up my booth around 12 and after finally setting everything to my liking we waited for our first customers. We had so many hits on the handmade dolls and the crochet bows as well but not one person purchase anything and that's when it hit me I started feeling discouraged that all this hard work was for nothing until a mother purchased two dolls one for her and her daughter. Yay, my first purchase and then two more and with a total of 5 customers who made purchases made my day even better. Although I didn't quite make the amount I wanted but hey it was my first show.

Now lets go with the overall details and displays for the show which by the way I absolutely love to the max. I even had the chance to use a few things from Asa's party that went perfect with the layout. I didn't want to go over the top or less being it was my first actual show. I made my own business cards which I will do a DIY project soon, ordered and created my own bow cards, and purchased a few of the displays at my favorite antique shop. Tomorrows post I will show more details of the booth. And as for the online store which was to open today has been moved to Monday. Well I hope you all have had a less of a hectic week. Now I'm off to catch some sleep before I do it all over again tomorrow. Goodnight!!


  1. aww. babe, those hair bows are soo cute! I want one. :) Good luck on your business! :)

  2. i would have loveeee to support you on your very first sell! the dolls came out amazing!! chin up babe i just know that you'll succeed! hope that you are well my love. congrats!!

    x jamie


  3. 5 is definitely better then 1! good luck dear and i think you will do great, especially with the holidays coming up!


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