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source- Nellystella

I search high and low for amazing kid clothes for the tot that one day she can appreciate fashion as much I do. When searching for kids clothes it's often hard to find anything adorable in her size and the most wonderful clothing out there are for older girls. I stumbled upon this website that carried clothes that I'd love for Asa to wear at this age. Nellystella, carry playful yet modern clothes to keep any girl still feel like a kid. There fall collection is unbelievable and well you should see for yourself. They even have a behind the scene video for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. They may not have an area to shop on their site but not to worry it's coming soon. Have any of you ladies heard of this brand?


  1. These clothes are SO adorable!!

  2. thanks for sharing this site! i am definitely going to check them out! i also really love Zara clothing for kids too.oo and HM!

  3. i've never heard of this brand before :) it sure is cute! ahh, i wis i had a daughter :) hope you have a great weekend dear!

    xx jamie


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