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I am no expert on parenting nor have I learned the ropes to being a good parent. But when it comes to teaching Asa values and what's right and wrong especially while trying to get over the terrible twos. Which I know never ends until they decide to. Well in our case it just seems to get harder as it goes by. We try to discipline Asa the right way as we know how to. Her doctor say's it's ok to spank and when throwing her fits now and then it's ok to just leave her in her room. Now that's where he is wrong in our case. We have been living with Justin's parents for over four years now (gosh has it been that long). Asa still sleeps in our room but last year she transitioned in her big girl bed, now we're still trying our best getting her to sleep in it. I'm going to tell you it is hard when you don't have a place of your own. Soon after Justin graduates we'll have our own house then is when we will have to deal fighting with Asa to sleep in her own room...please pray for us. Manners is one thing we've been teaching her since day one. At our recently outing to Target Asa decided to toot while we we're in line a the register with a line forming behind us and Asa seems to think it is the funniest thing she has ever done and we're slowing teaching her to say excuse me or to not do it out in public. Although daddy and I find it cute at times but not when it's repetitive.

Asa is great at identifying things around her.
She can already tell what she wants to be when she grows up "a doctor like daddy to save people"
She is great at doing puzzles.
Finding shapes and colors.
Responding back to what Dora asks.

Bedtime- still fighting to get her to bed on time.
Not listening when asked to do something.
Tooting out in public.
Jumping off the edge of the bed to get to hers, which scares the heck out of me.


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