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Blogging Break

As of today and the past few weeks. I've decided to put blogging to a halt until further notice. We are in a major over haul with everything that is happening to us that I don't have the time to blog nor do I have any subject at the moment to talk about. My blogging schedule was manageable before but as of right now we need a break or two to get the juices of creativity and inspiration back in to the game of blogging. I new that once going at for a while I would go back to this I put a hold on it before and managed to come back full force ready to see what I make of it but for now I'm just going to sit and relax and maybe change this blog of mine a tad bit. We will be going through a long process of making so much decisions in the next couple of months with Justin graduating, moving into our new place and working on my project that I have been anxiously waiting to tell the world but for now I'll just keep it to myself. I think starting fresh and revamping the blog up just a little will give me the satisfaction of knowing this blog can further on doing what it did before from blogging about food, style, family, life and anything I seemed to like talking about. I hope those who would like to continue on following us please do so in the future. This is the hardest decision yet I've made again so far. But if your instagram (eatloveandstyle) do follow us I post on a daily basis on there. Well until then see guys when I get back.


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